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TEAM SINGAPORE achived 8th in IMO 2014

Congratulations to Singapore team for Excellence performance in International Mathematics Olympiad 2014.

Determine the least n for T-distribution confidence interval by TI-84

Suppose the width of a confidence intetval is at least 2.5 from a population with unknown variance and the unbiased estimated of population variable is 1. At 95%, what is the largest possible value of n? Using TI-84, enter the relevant function in the graph mode as shown below. Then from the table, the largest … Continue reading

APMOPS Round 2 Training

SPECIAL round 2 training on 24 May 2014, 4.15pm to 6pm.

SMO Training for School

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Questions and Notes for 2014 APMOPS round 2

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APMOPS (SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution Book

APMOPS (formerly SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution at S$5.00 per copy. Contact us in advance for bulk-purchase (min 10 copies) at S$4.50 per copy.  

2014 SMOPS Round 1 and 2 Revision Notes and Questions

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