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APMOPS (SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution Book

APMOPS (formerly SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution at S$5.00 per copy. Contact us in advance for bulk-purchase (min 10 copies) at S$4.50 per copy.  

2014 SMOPS Round 1 and 2 Revision Notes and Questions

Special Offer till 7 April 2014 S$5.50 (UP $9) for the Revision Notes with 30 questions and full solutions.    

Sample Mean and Sample variance are independent

Here are important results on sample means and sample variance. Sample variance is commonly known as unbiased estimated of population variance in H2 and IB Maths.

Contact us by email from 1 Dec to 12 Dec

We are attending overseas events from 1 Dec to 12 Dec 2013. Should you wish to contact us, please write to affinityep@hotmail.com. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A level H2 math paper 2

Amendments! Q11(iii) the case of 3 same letters and 2 same digits should be included: 26×1×1×9×1. So 234/1423656 + 100/507 = 281034/1423656 = 0.197 (3sf) Though the ans in 3sf is the same, but working is incomplete. Thanks to reader rav’s feedback on Q11(iv). Our error on number of ways where 3 letters are different … Continue reading

Math H2 Paper 2

Good to know that the questions are similar to the revision questions given out lately.

A Level H2 Math Paper 1 Solution

Q1) (i) (-38/3,-129/6,-25/3) (ii) As the normal of p, q and r are not parallel. The 3 planes have no common point of intersection, and they formed an infinitely long triangular prism. Q2 {y belongs to R : y >=3+sqrt12 or y<=3-sqrt12} Q3 (I)Standard curve. Eqns of asymptotes: y =0.5 and x = 0.5 Axial … Continue reading


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