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IGCSE O level Book

Newly published IGCSE book developed by Affinity Education Place. Contact Fairfield Book Publishers for sale of book at (65) 6848 2471.

TEAM SINGAPORE achived 8th in IMO 2014

Congratulations to Singapore team for Excellence performance in International Mathematics Olympiad 2014.

Determine the least n for T-distribution confidence interval by TI-84

Suppose the width of a confidence intetval is at least 2.5 from a population with unknown variance and the unbiased estimated of population variable is 1. At 95%, what is the largest possible value of n? Using TI-84, enter the relevant function in the graph mode as shown below. Then from the table, the largest … Continue reading

APMOPS Round 2 Training

SPECIAL round 2 training on 24 May 2014, 4.15pm to 6pm.

SMO Training for School

Contact us at 65540236 or affinityep@hotmail.com for training in your school.

Questions and Notes for 2014 APMOPS round 2

Contact us at affinityep@hotmail.com or 65540236 for Revision notes and questions for APMOPS 2014. Each copy is $9.

APMOPS (SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution Book

APMOPS (formerly SMOPS) 2011 Round 1 Solution at S$5.00 per copy. Contact us in advance for bulk-purchase (min 10 copies) at S$4.50 per copy.  

2014 SMOPS Round 1 and 2 Revision Notes and Questions

Special Offer till 7 April 2014 S$5.50 (UP $9) for the Revision Notes with 30 questions and full solutions.    


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